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Rank Business Name Avg. account AUM Discretionary AUM Non-discretionary AUM Total AUM
51Private Harbour Investment Management & Counsel LLC.$460,459$184,255,644$2,230,126$186,485,770
52Ellsworth Advisors, LLC$711,661$560,253,239$1,958,968$562,212,207
53Ritter Daniher Financial Advisory, LLC$375,315$435,426,785$1,815,632$437,242,417
54Capital Asset Management, Inc.$514,655$127,975,319$1,717,811$129,693,130
55Harlan G Storey, Inc$357,443$257,854,557$1,649,112$259,503,669
56Wealth Dimensions Group, Ltd.$354,120$565,720,995$1,578,961$567,299,956
57ADAPTIVE FINANCIAL CONSULTING, LLC$578,227$138,202,121$1,150,502$139,352,623
58Financial Counseling, Inc.$106,908$100,498,478$530,000$101,028,478
59Meridian Capital Management Group, Inc.$228,443$131,185,658$397,534$131,583,192
60Winfield Associates Inc$484,078$291,745,111$154,208$291,899,319
61Shaker Investments, L.L.C.$1,233,780$196,158,487$12,564$196,171,051
62Vela Investment Management, LLC$1,213,353$134,682,208$134,682,208
63Demming Financial Services Corp.$150,061$432,625,331$432,625,331
64Hengehold Capital Management LLC$347,941$767,904,803$767,904,803
65Ross, Sinclaire & Associates, LLC$437,577$353,561,865$353,561,865
66Wealth Dimensions Family Office, Inc$5,049,616$449,415,796$449,415,796
67Meyer Capital Management LLC.$403,790$136,077,070$136,077,070
68First Fiduciary Investment Counsel Inc$1,292,838$580,484,406$580,484,406
69True Wealth Design, LLC$345,854$341,703,339$341,703,339
70KMG Fiduciary Partners, LLC$354,872$827,562,392$827,562,392
71Dean Investment Associates, LLC$1,250,251$643,879,391$643,879,391
72Beese, Fulmer Investment Management, Inc.$1,121,334$1,082,087,361$1,082,087,361
73The Joseph Group LLC$940,788$602,104,403$602,104,403
74Wealthbridge Capital Management, LLC$314,369$450,804,873$450,804,873
75Thor Investment Management Inc$278,419$359,717,964$359,717,964
76The Jentner Corporation$531,608$452,398,583$452,398,583
77Ray|Theil Wealth Management, LLC$857,841$207,597,491$207,597,491
78SWS Partners, LLC$531,972$270,241,738$270,241,738
79Clear Perspectives Financial Planning, LLC$314,063$285,169,162$285,169,162
80Ruggaard & Associates, Inc.$454,517$209,077,889$209,077,889
81Michael Brady & Co., LLC$221,315$130,797,236$130,797,236
82T.T.G. Financial, Inc.$713,475$120,577,220$120,577,220
83Trinity Wealth Management LLC$2,156,481$232,900,000$232,900,000
84Lighthouse Wealth Management, Inc.$190,228$138,296,008$138,296,008
85TSG Advice Partners, LLC$165,294$373,232,902$373,232,902
86Trinity Financial Advisors LLC$390,407$286,168,032$286,168,032
87FSM Wealth Advisors, LLC$1,129,382$281,216,213$281,216,213
88Siena Capital, LLC$484,618$231,647,275$231,647,275
89Artifex Financial Group, LLC$192,741$153,614,273$153,614,273
90Madison Financial Advisors, Ltd$483,439$1,040,843,381$1,040,843,381
91Generations Wealth, LLC$915,150$245,260,329$245,260,329
92Lindahl & Mansager Inc$199,662$152,342,000$152,342,000
93St. Clair Advisors, LLC$1,411,665$725,595,610$725,595,610
94First Mason Financial, LLC$160,628$107,781,083$107,781,083
95John E. Sestina And Company$146,282$447,768,194$447,768,194
96Vawter Financial Ltd$261,069$171,000,000$171,000,000
97Monetary Solutions, Ltd.$849,624$113,000,000$113,000,000
98Fullen Financial Group, Inc.$291,644$195,401,485$195,401,485
99Keystone Financial Planning, Inc$667,612$276,391,341$276,391,341
100Stan Evans Financial Planning, LLC$217,476$112,000,000$112,000,000
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*Methodology: InvestmentNews qualified 2,756 firms headquartered in the United States based on data reported on Form ADV to the Securities and Exchange Commission. To qualify, firms must have met the following criteria: (1) latest ADV filing date is either on or after January 1, 2020, (2) total AUM is at least $100M, (3) does not have employees who are registered representatives of a broker-dealer, (4) managed assets for individual clients during its most recently completed fiscal year, (5) no more than 50% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to pooled investment vehicles (other than investment companies), (6) no more than 25% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to pension and profit-sharing plans (but not the plan participants), (7) no more than 25% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to corporations or other businesses, (8) does not receive commissions, (9) provides financial planning services, (10) is not actively engaged in business as a broker-dealer (registered or unregistered), (11) is not actively engaged in business as a registered representative of a broker-dealer, (12) has neither a related person who is a broker-dealer/municipal securities dealer/government securities broker or dealer (registered or unregistered) not one who is an insurance company or agency.

Database last updated on July 2021.