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Rank Business Name Avg. account AUM Discretionary AUM Non-discretionary AUM Total AUM
501SBK Financial, Inc.$444,393$435,039,283$52,459,563$487,498,846
502Schaefer Financial Management, Inc.$336,824$0$486,036,561$486,036,561
503Coyle Financial Counsel, Inc.$283,952$425,492,913$59,497,740$484,990,653
504East Coast Asset Management$499,087$368,453,896$115,660,259$484,114,155
505The Hoerner Planning Group$682,279$343,177,992$140,557,659$483,735,651
506LVM Capital Management Ltd$572,020$463,734,976$17,905,763$481,640,739
507SignalPoint Asset Management$252,759$423,000,000$58,000,000$481,000,000
508Brookfield Investment Partners$11,721,502$475,828,763$4,752,828$480,581,591
509Triad Financial Advisors$272,225$460,830,692$19,647,001$480,477,693
511Manchester Financial Inc$282,783$477,621,229$0$477,621,229
512Private Wealth Management, Inc.$809,923$0$476,234,495$476,234,495
513Mastrapasqua Asset Management, Inc.$1,248,313$417,057,291$58,550,113$475,607,404
514CCG Asset Management, LLC$11,323,386$475,582,199$0$475,582,199
515MV Capital Management, Inc.$655,036$475,556,268$0$475,556,268
516Isthmus Partners, LLC$465,429$455,457,999$19,279,514$474,737,513
517Miracle Mile Advisors, LLC$1,029,103$473,387,397$0$473,387,397
518The Family Firm, Inc.$307,059$442,275,209$26,911,049$469,186,258
519Montis Financial$422,133$435,352,641$33,636,606$468,989,247
520Crescent Capital Consulting$830,632$218,385,798$248,429,254$466,815,052
521Sunrise Advisors$1,115,339$453,411,699$12,800,000$466,211,699
522Steel Peak Wealth Management, LLC$211,548$444,259,767$21,146,830$465,406,597
523Windsor Capital Management$390,830$460,788,551$0$460,788,551
524Cohen Capital Management Inc$2,843,619$460,666,252$0$460,666,252
525Beese Fulmer Private Wealth Management$1,048,154$458,043,507$0$458,043,507
526PDS Planning Inc$1,075,117$357,350,000$100,650,000$458,000,000
527Wagner Bowman Management Corp$1,140,900$457,501,000$0$457,501,000
528CRA Financial Services$274,609$9,427,150$447,522,511$456,949,661
529Harvest Capital Management Inc$727,312$433,085,814$22,211,617$455,297,431
530Baltimore-Washington Financial Advisors$902,545$443,744,992$9,332,520$453,077,512
531Wagner Wealth Management$1,749,228$453,050,000$0$453,050,000
532Highland Private Wealth Management$699,552$419,275,827$31,935,278$451,211,105
533Lassus Wherley$1,299,851$451,048,294$0$451,048,294
534Financial Advisory Corporation$533,549$450,820,965$27,812$450,848,777
535Family WMS$830,500$387,230,188$62,900,842$450,131,030
536River Wealth Advisors LLC$365,209$374,784,587$75,152,383$449,936,970
537Roof, Eidam & Maycock$435,403$424,400,000$24,500,000$448,900,000
538Hemington Wealth Management$426,675$416,509,453$28,939,177$445,448,630
539Horan Capital Management, LLC$346,980$442,051,994$0$442,051,994
540Spectrum Management Group, Inc.$583,867$439,712,156$2,274,920$441,987,076
541Ellenbecker Investment Group$155,200$441,077,808$0$441,077,808
542Peak Asset Management$490,613$413,671,000$26,409,000$440,080,000
543Azzad Asset Management, Inc.$232,407$421,621,534$18,324,997$439,946,531
544Investment Management Of Virginia$774,021$434,734,101$2,587,976$437,322,077
545HTG Investment Advisors Inc$398,861$436,354,351$0$436,354,351
546Redwood Wealth Management$167,568$435,174,038$0$435,174,038
547Pinney & Scofield, Inc.$428,786$434,789,268$0$434,789,268
548Spectrum Asset Management Inc$561,873$423,798,458$10,529,202$434,327,660
549Columbia Asset Management$693,467$374,395,423$59,715,000$434,110,423
550PJS Investment Management$864,483$412,411,996$21,558,324$433,970,320
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*Methodology: InvestmentNews qualified 1,778 firms headquartered in the United States based on data reported on Form ADV to the Securities and Exchange Commission as of November 1, 2016. To qualify, firms must have met the following criteria: (1) latest ADV filing date is either on or after January 1, 2016, (2) total AUM is at least $100M, (3) does not have employees who are registered representatives of a broker-dealer, (4) provided investment advisory services to clients during its most recently completed fiscal year, (5) no more than 50% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to pooled investment vehicles (other than investment companies), (6) no more than 25% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to pension and profit-sharing plans (but not the plan participants), (7) no more than 25% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to corporations or other businesses, (8) does not receive commissions, (9) provides financial planning services, (10) is not actively engaged in business as a broker-dealer (registered or unregistered), (11) is not actively engaged in business as a registered representative of a broker-dealer, (12) has neither a related person who is a broker-dealer/municipal securities dealer/government securities broker or dealer (registered or unregistered) not one who is an insurance company or agency.

Database last updated on December 5, 2016.