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Rank Business Name Avg. account AUM Discretionary AUM Non-discretionary AUM Total AUM
301Stillwater Capital Advisors$321,875$345,000,000$170,000,000$515,000,000
302Lau Associates$3,900,000$514,800,000$0$514,800,000
303Pillar Pacific Capital Management$1,841,960$494,030,000$18,035,000$512,065,000
304Relyea Zuckerberg Hanson$648,101$493,000,000$19,000,000$512,000,000
305Sheaff Brock Investment Advisors$276,423$510,000,000$0$510,000,000
306Arthur M. Cohen & Associates$598,981$488,783,415$20,350,424$509,133,839
307Aufman Associates Inc.$3,715,467$509,018,914$0$509,018,914
308Davidson & Garrard Inc.$478,803$508,967,800$0$508,967,800
309Bell Investment Advisors Inc.$424,844$505,472,489$2,641,123$508,113,612
310Bridgecreek Investment Management$7,815,385$508,000,000$0$508,000,000
311Corrigan Financial Inc.$572,965$507,351,000$296,000$507,647,000
312Warwick Partners$873,648$0$504,095,000$504,095,000
313Kings Point Capital Management$974,048$500,067,835$2,540,979$502,608,814
315Foldes Financial Management$306,021$497,284,897$0$497,284,897
317Willow Creek Wealth Management Inc.$404,240$495,597,654$0$495,597,654
318Patton Albertson & Miller$572,644$485,929,097$8,835,019$494,764,116
319Vigilant Capital Management$917,509$494,537,271$0$494,537,271
320Eclectic Associates Inc.$218,104$415,470,502$76,136,490$491,606,992
321Austin Asset$389,611$490,131,000$0$490,131,000
322FSG Investment Management$972,102$489,939,505$0$489,939,505
323Hokanson Associates Inc.$1,292,437$485,956,342$0$485,956,342
324The Fiduciary Group$495,107$465,275,682$18,443,818$483,719,500
325Reilly Financial Advisors$370,195$483,474,624$0$483,474,624
326Briaud Financial Advisors$271,890$479,280,854$3,867,759$483,148,613
327JNBA Financial Advisors Inc.$205,525$480,723,932$0$480,723,932
328American Financial Advisors$212,988$480,073,867$0$480,073,867
329Planning Alternatives $302,207$479,300,000$0$479,300,000
330Strategic Wealth Management Inc.$4,594,496$477,827,570$0$477,827,570
331Xpyria Investment Advisors Inc.$819,516$477,008,328$769,752$477,778,080
332Sage Capital Management$726,881$344,754,000$132,807,000$477,561,000
333Frank, Rimerman Advisors$1,922,712$470,774,565$6,057,908$476,832,473
334Palisade Asset Management$1,212,895$466,092,114$10,575,558$476,667,672
335Cabot Money Management Inc.$321,314$474,901,766$0$474,901,766
336Schaper Benz & Wise Investment Counsel Inc.$970,611$468,741,897$2,004,452$470,746,349
337Joycepayne Partners$313,226$470,465,620$0$470,465,620
338Financial Management Professionals Inc.$232,599$414,669,000$52,157,000$466,826,000
339Stepp & Rothwell Inc.$294,856$391,162,801$73,530,385$464,693,186
340Medley & Brown$953,458$459,566,648$0$459,566,648
341Column Capital Advisors$647,277$456,977,559$0$456,977,559
342Adell Harriman & Carpenter$304,809$455,079,829$0$455,079,829
343Maple Capital Management Inc.$494,366$428,692,828$26,124,055$454,816,883
344Pennsylvania Capital Management Inc.$499,234$127,117,795$326,187,028$453,304,823
345RJR Associates Inc.$1,431,171$354,282,000$97,968,000$452,250,000
346Tactical Allocation Group$341,599$448,861,146$0$448,861,146
347Cohen Capital Management Inc.$4,719,456$448,348,314$0$448,348,314
348Redw Stanley Financial Advisors$504,347$443,795,002$3,056,009$446,851,011
349Summit Asset Management$381,363$433,210,432$12,221,942$445,432,374
350Burt Wealth Advisors$499,802$445,323,497$0$445,323,497
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*Methodology: InvestmentNews qualified firms headquartered in the United States based on data reported on Form ADV to the Securities and Exchange Commission as of May 1. To qualify, firms must have met the following criteria: (1) Latest ADV filing date is either on or after Jan. 1, 2012. (2) Total AUM is at least $100M. (3) Does not have employees who are registered representatives of a broker-dealer. (4) Provided investment advisory services to clients during its most recently completed fiscal year. (5) No more than 50% of regulatory assets under management is attributable to pooled investment vehicles (other than investment companies). (6) No more than 25% of regulatory assets under management is attributable to pension and profit-sharing plans (but not the plan participants). (7) No more than 25% of regulatory assets under management is attributable to corporations or other businesses. (8) Does not receive commissions. (9) Provides financial planning services. (10) Is not actively engaged in business as a broker-dealer (registered or unregistered). (11) Is not actively engaged in business as a registered representative of a broker-dealer. (12) Has neither a related person who is a broker-dealer/municipal securities dealer/government securities broker or dealer (registered or unregistered) nor one who is an insurance company or agency.