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Rank Business Name Avg. account AUM Discretionary AUM Non-discretionary AUM Total AUM
451Promus Capital, Llc$2,418,712$326,336,578$522,631,415$848,967,993
452Robustwealth, Inc.$156,102$109,964,667$734,390,627$844,355,294
453Northstar Investment Advisors Llc$979,800$843,607,987$843,607,987
454Woodmont Investment Counsel, Llc$1,039,033$814,220,407$27,396,007$841,616,414
455Strategic Family Wealth Counselors, L.L.C.$289,844$692,587,511$134,338,509$826,926,020
456Hudson Valley Investment Advisors, Inc.$541,042$592,120,919$234,049,735$826,170,654
457Payne Capital Management, Llc$224,005$211,942,894$612,173,119$824,116,013
458Eclectic Associates, Inc.$302,648$688,219,051$133,772,023$821,991,074
459Abbrea Capital, Llc$1,232,347$716,789,770$105,185,764$821,975,534
460Griffin Asset Management, Llc$1,380,672$815,570,545$5,929,455$821,500,000
461Highland Private Wealth Management$826,727$786,924,700$29,881,938$816,806,638
462Matrix Asset Advisors Inc$1,654,750$814,137,000$814,137,000
463J. L. Bainbridge & Co., Inc.$441,076$812,903,745$812,903,745
464Azzad Asset Management, Inc.$304,406$804,229,836$8,231,065$812,460,901
465Wallington Asset Management$1,050,282$811,868,324$811,868,324
466Lehman Financial Resources$463,596$811,755,999$811,755,999
467Delegate Advisors, Llc$1,203,471$171,052,821$640,086,312$811,139,133
468Dean Investments$1,506,619$809,054,152$809,054,152
469Lowery Asset Consulting, Llc$2,077,340$806,007,956$806,007,956
470Sharkey Howes & Javer Inc$288,746$694,486,397$111,403,085$805,889,482
471Sharkey Howes & Javer Inc$288,746$694,486,397$111,403,085$805,889,482
472Signet Financial Management, Llc$459,278$805,114,804$805,114,804
473Diesslin Group, Inc.$486,124$573,937,988$231,082,536$805,020,524
474Prism Financial Group, L.L.C.$437,915$683,375,757$118,447,461$801,823,218
475Marquette Wealth Management$2,014,455$801,753,000$801,753,000
476Baldwin Investment Management, Llc$870,026$465,326,899$335,966,620$801,293,519
477Sheets Smith Wealth Management$1,089,064$796,105,790$796,105,790
478Rebalance Llc$562,622$795,546,858$795,546,858
479Sbk Financial, Inc.$721,039$744,234,971$49,629,137$793,864,108
480Clear Harbor Asset Management, Llc$840,797$790,264,287$1,766,204$792,030,491
481Strategiq Financial Group, Llc$289,257$707,391,612$82,568,647$789,960,259
482Mmbg Investment Advisors Co.$14,587,444$787,721,993$787,721,993
483Wescap Group$2,422,154$625,900,000$161,300,000$787,200,000
484Traphagen Financial Group$602,452$772,809,199$11,583,863$784,393,062
485Principle Wealth Partners Llc$767,157$783,267,081$783,267,081
486Confluence Wealth Management Llc$569,718$772,279,810$9,943,485$782,223,295
487Sanderson Wealth Management, Llc$680,440$108,509,523$671,955,132$780,464,655
488Dinuzzo Private Wealth, Inc.$317,311$780,267,999$780,267,999
489Sb Capital Management, Inc.$730,547$778,668,429$1,555,682$780,224,111
490Towneley Capital Management, Inc.$2,353,752$779,091,955$779,091,955
491Verus Financial Partners$388,023$777,598,000$777,598,000
492Telos Capital Management, Inc.$473,139$776,894,754$776,894,754
493The Planning Center, Inc.$281,735$720,848,277$55,613,846$776,462,123
494Christopher Weil & Co Inc$1,218,186$681,192,015$92,355,973$773,547,988
495Cahaba Wealth Management, Inc.$650,896$773,263,917$773,263,917
496Boston Hill Advisors, Llc$254,470$738,652,006$34,173,360$772,825,366
497Roundview Capital, Llc$558,280$761,877,329$10,782,359$772,659,688
498Versant Capital Management, Inc.$627,118$727,616,580$44,992,789$772,609,369
499Avitas Wealth Management, Llc$1,436,802$771,562,639$771,562,639
500Financial Planning And Information Services, Inc.$771,505$771,504,952$771,504,952
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*Methodology:InvestmentNews qualified 2,206 firms headquartered in the United States based on data reported on Form ADV to the Securities and Exchange Commission as of May 1, 2019. To qualify, firms must have met the following criteria: (1) latest ADV filing date is either on or after January 1, 2018, (2) total AUM is at least $100M, (3) does not have employees who are registered representatives of a broker-dealer, (4) provided investment advisory services to clients during its most recently completed fiscal year, (5) no more than 50% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to pooled investment vehicles (other than investment companies), (6) no more than 25% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to pension and profit-sharing plans (but not the plan participants), (7) no more than 25% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to corporations or other businesses, (8) does not receive commissions, (9) provides financial planning services, (10) is not actively engaged in business as a broker-dealer (registered or unregistered), (11) is not actively engaged in business as a registered representative of a broker-dealer, (12) has neither a related person who is a broker-dealer/municipal securities dealer/government securities broker or dealer (registered or unregistered) not one who is an insurance company or agency.

Database last updated on June 5, 2019.