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Rank Business Name Avg. account AUM Discretionary AUM Non-discretionary AUM Total AUM
651Pbmares Wealth Management Llc$318,453$534,009,297$4,494,748$538,504,045
652Global Wealth Management, Llc$1,325,758$509,013,550$29,244,028$538,257,578
653Castlekeep Investment Advisors$3,071,209$67,471,794$469,989,865$537,461,659
654Blue Chip Partners, Inc.$436,958$532,650,451$4,371,045$537,021,496
655First Fiduciary Investment Counsel Inc$1,187,069$535,368,333$535,368,333
656Sbc Wealth Management$252,770$534,609,178$534,609,178
657Prairieview Partners, Llc$1,738,712$530,649,585$3,134,939$533,784,524
6583D Asset Management, Inc.$353,126$532,866,398$532,866,398
659The H Group, Inc.$274,975$531,801,855$531,801,855
660Arbor Investment Advisors$584,687$509,791,633$21,104,137$530,895,770
661Derby And Company Inc$636,918$528,373,948$1,541,758$529,915,706
662Peavine Capital, LLC$2,917,127$311,000,000$217,000,000$528,000,000
663Peak Asset Management, Llc$547,589$506,125,268$21,750,459$527,875,727
664Premier Financial Group Inc$489,156$426,246,085$99,596,263$525,842,348
665Natural Investments$169,853$521,418,489$2,748,334$524,166,823
666Spectrum Management Group, Llc.$590,725$521,977,314$1,405,455$523,382,769
667New England Investment & Retirement Group, Inc.$262,480$522,113,283$1,010,026$523,123,309
668Pathway Financial Advisors, Llc$628,853$522,576,489$522,576,489
669Aegis Wealth Management Llc$1,154,681$521,915,587$521,915,587
670Summit Asset Management Llc$391,407$456,271,133$64,691,826$520,962,959
671Mitchell Capital Management Co$965,442$519,407,855$519,407,855
672The Family Firm, Inc.$513,468$517,236,825$852,669$518,089,494
673Slatestone Wealth Llc$467,977$517,940,700$110,370$518,051,070
674Financial Planning And Information Services, Inc.$547,090$517,000,000$517,000,000
675Monterey Private Wealth, Inc.$336,823$478,417,490$37,595,088$516,012,578
676Nelson Roberts Investment Advisors, Llc$867,143$515,950,000$515,950,000
677Black Coral Financial Advisors, Llc$377,289$331,000,000$184,000,000$515,000,000
678Jbj Investment Partners, Llc$417,091$463,767,931$49,671,540$513,439,471
679Family Wms, Llc$864,920$416,111,937$96,785,840$512,897,777
680Wpwealth Llp$238,493$460,799,322$51,959,820$512,759,142
681Jgp Wealth Management, Llc$345,136$511,836,473$511,836,473
682Montis Financial, Llc$451,678$498,700,000$12,600,000$511,300,000
683Allen Capital Group, LLC$110,970$510,240,808$510,240,808
684Lassus Wherley$300,945$509,801,111$509,801,111
685Exchange Capital Management Inc$537,596$507,997,575$1,643,488$509,641,063
686Pjs Investment Management$886,831$488,019,711$21,021,079$509,040,790
687Gkfo, Llc$3,028,494$181,994,506$326,792,551$508,787,057
688Alpha & Omega$5,005$495,145,827$12,274,025$507,419,852
689Richard P. Slaughter Associates, Inc.$412,509$478,222,367$29,163,971$507,386,338
690Covenant Partners, Llc$994,096$445,124,575$61,864,228$506,988,803
691Blankinship & Foster, Llc$589,379$503,918,925$503,918,925
692Newfocus Financial Group, Llc$361,341$503,709,525$503,709,525
693Spectrum Asset Management Inc$562,818$492,745,501$10,413,374$503,158,875
694Ars Wealth Advisors$383,175$495,353,279$7,756,000$503,109,279
695Pinney & Scofield, Inc.$454,809$502,108,597$502,108,597
696Windsor Capital Management, Llc$438,500$502,082,972$502,082,972
697Intrepid Capital Management Inc$1,683,499$489,234,224$12,448,438$501,682,662
698Ami Investment Management Inc$1,857,838$501,616,355$501,616,355
699Sp Asset Management$1,428,571$350,000,000$150,000,000$500,000,000
700Aspen Capital Management$664,733$497,220,386$497,220,386
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*Methodology:InvestmentNews qualified 2,206 firms headquartered in the United States based on data reported on Form ADV to the Securities and Exchange Commission as of May 1, 2019. To qualify, firms must have met the following criteria: (1) latest ADV filing date is either on or after January 1, 2018, (2) total AUM is at least $100M, (3) does not have employees who are registered representatives of a broker-dealer, (4) provided investment advisory services to clients during its most recently completed fiscal year, (5) no more than 50% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to pooled investment vehicles (other than investment companies), (6) no more than 25% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to pension and profit-sharing plans (but not the plan participants), (7) no more than 25% of amount of regulatory assets under management is attributable to corporations or other businesses, (8) does not receive commissions, (9) provides financial planning services, (10) is not actively engaged in business as a broker-dealer (registered or unregistered), (11) is not actively engaged in business as a registered representative of a broker-dealer, (12) has neither a related person who is a broker-dealer/municipal securities dealer/government securities broker or dealer (registered or unregistered) not one who is an insurance company or agency.

Database last updated on June 5, 2019.